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Brand Message

Amatara Resort & Wellness is a beautiful high-end resort in Cape Panwa, Phuket, which rebranded from a Regent Resort. The challenge was to create something uniquely Thai but emphasising the resort’s focus on holistic wellness and extreme luxury in an understated way.

Research into the meaning of Amatara revealed a great clue: “The Immortal Water, something of movement and life-giving properties.”

This is all we need to move and create the tone, key messaging, brand positioning and brand proposition bio.


Tone of Voice: 

Immortality of spirit – longevity of Self


Messaging and Direction:

Amatara, the “immortal water,” refreshes, nourishes and soothes as it replenishes every cell, muscle and pore. Follow the water’s flow to your own holistic wellbeing and enjoyment at Thailand’s most prestigious resort experience and wellness retreat

World class accommodation, World-class food, delivered with signature Amatara touches and legendary Thai hospitality.

Amatara, the everlasting joy of rejuvenation, of calmness, and of the indulgent awakening to a world-class resort experience.


Suggested Positioning:

Thailand’s resort and wellness dream escape. For body. For soul. For the best in life


The holistic luxury resort experience and wellness retreat.


Variations on key message/slogan for multiple mediums/channels:

         A Revival of You

Unsurpassed accommodation in the beautiful surroundings of Cape Panwa, with integrated wellness, the sea and luxurious hospitality


         Rejuvenate your immortal self

Unmatched wellness treatments coupled with an unrivalled luxury resort stay experience


         Luxurious rebalancing of your personal spirit

Welcome to a luxurious resort stay, complete with everything you need for a complete revival of body, mind and soul



*Information provided for the basis of early consultation case study only. Suggested messaging is not indicative of the resort’s current positioning. Amatara Resort & Wellness and its associated brand are the property of Amatara Resort & Wellness, All rights Reserved. All work and materials listed herein are the property of David Swinfen and are not meant to imply any other ownership besides.

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