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We are commodity marketers and digital content producers for one of the biggest garnet sand extraction companies in China. Our largest client has more than 10 years of experience in garnet sand production and international sales to companies who want access to the multiple benefits of using garnet sand as the industrial abrasive of choice. We help to manage the English language vetting, advice, connecting and sales processing through to purchase order for our Chinese mining firms to enable garnet sand users in Europe and ROW to benefit from the high quality and excellent value of Chinese garnet.

Our client introduced a fully automated computer-controlled processing line strictly executed to well beyond international quality standards. Our content writing supports their connectivity to new markets through their own internal digital marketing efforts.


The main applications for garnet sand are:

  • sandblasting
  • water jet cutting
  • water filtration
  • coatings removal
  • surface preparation

Our garnet is a rock-type garnet crushed from natural almandine garnet rocks mined from 200 meters underground. It goes through crushing, magnetic separation, washing and drying production procedures. Being crushed from natural garnet rocks (as opposed to from riverbeds, which yields a softer rock with a weaker opacity), our garnet sand has high hardness and sharper edges. With multiple magnetic separations to remove impurities, it keeps exceptional scarlet red grains, and is several times washed to remove any powdered rock or dust. After screening on a sifting bed, each grain has uniform particle distribution.

Unlike sand and slag, it can be recycled to use 5-8 times, thereby reducing material costs and disposal costs. Garnet contains no silica or heavy metals making it ideal for filter bed applications. It has low chloride, leaves no “inclusions” on the surface, and produces an extremely low level of dust. This is one of the reasons for its recent boom in popularity, as dust suppression on site is essential for protecting the health of employees and the environment.

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We supply fine, medium and coarse garnet for various industrial applications.

Sand Blasting

20/40# and 30/60# fine grains of garnet are recommended for blast cleaning applications. Industrial mineral sand derivative from almandine rock is known for its natural hardness and resilience, and lends itself to high performance during blasting. Its intrinsic physical and chemical uniformity ensures superior performance for all use cases. Garnet is steadily superseding other blasting media because it is environment friendly and reusable, and is perfect for this application.

Water Jet Cutting

Coarse 60#, medium 80#, fine 120# and above 150#, 200# – Micro grains of garnet like 80# and 120# or above are perfectly suitable for water jet cutting for industrial purposes. Uniformity of grain size, hardness and sturdiness result in (literally) cutting-edge quality, optimum efficiency and positive economics for industrial cutting firms. It is perfectly suitable for the applications of cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, marble, and ceramics and can even be used to remove road markings.


Water Filtration

20/40# is a coarser grain and is used in a variety of filtration applications which include industrial waste treatment and commercial water filtration. Garnet is possibly the most cost-effective alternative for water filtration beds as it resets the filter bed more rapidly after the bed is back-flushed. Moreover, it is also effective for elimination of harmful heavy minerals like mercury or lead. It has the benefit of being chemically inert, resulting in longer production capability in water treatment mediums. Garnet is acknowledged for its high specific gravity, durability and consistent grading, which are all essential for water treatment and filtration.

Besides the above grain sizes, we also provide other sizes (abrasive grain ratings) as below:


8/12#, 10/18#, 18/30#, W40, W28, W14, W7


Our premier partner company in China offers a high standard of customer service (with English speaking staff; we are also able to liaise on behalf of our service users outside of China), simple international billing, very fast response time, and reliably experienced support for when you are purchasing either single 20-foot shipping containers (18-28 tons, depending on road weight limits in your country, and the MOQ is one container) or an ongoing monthly volume.

For pricing and shipping costs (containers are delivered to the port of choice in the delivery country), please email us directly at commodities@davidswinfenassociates.com

We offer very competitive rates due to our being based outside of America/Australia, and we have our own mine in China which produces output of high quality and at lower cost than suppliers in India, Australia or the US. All correspondence with us can be communicated via English, Chinese, Thai or Afrikaans.

Garnet sand samples are available on request which we are happy to send along with the material scientific testing data certificates for each sample set. Please get in touch today and see for yourself the amazing luster, depth, harness and deep-red character of Chinese garnet!