David Swinfen Associates | CORPCOM – Case Study
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Corporate communications is a huge speciality area for us, and something we really enjoy.

Some managers have a perception of corporate comm’s writing being methodical and dry; yet done correctly, it is the opposite of this.

It’s a storytelling component which draws people into your fable and promise of what you are trying to offer – albeit delivered with millimetric precision, assembled like a lovingly made Swiss watch.

Business is about objectives, advantages and vision. If you are not able to outline exactly your position on each of these, then customers will not embrace your leadership.

We’ve produced an absolute tonne of content for corporate clients, including a complete divisional structural rebuilding for RMA Group, the world’s largest supplier of vehicles to UN and Aid organisations.

Other notable CORPCOM projects have seen us work with Huawei, Jaguar Land Rover, Saint Gobain Group, Vietjet, Fujitsu-Siemens,TNT, Sheraton, Siam Commercial Bank, Novotel and Lamborghini – in the last year.

Breathe new life into your restructure or latest commercial offerings with pinpoint-targeted messages that are evocative, clear and true.

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