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The following scripts are no longer under option and are available for relicensing. All enquiries to info@davidswinfenassociates.com

These screenplays may be copied and forwarded for the purposes of leisure reading. Please note the material contained is protected by copyright (David Swinfen), and permission is required for use for commercial purposes.

The Corsair Journals

“We are safely out of the boat. How fortunate that we should have selected this place, this isolated white elephant among mere and hollow fields of blossom, to make our unscheduled descent”. Against a backdrop of impending war, Mervyn Dukes and Veronica Berry make a lavish and fragile journey across an achingly beautiful paradise. Their story is told through the elegant diary of one, and the glittering young eyes of the other. Inspired by the journeys of the Imperial Airways Empire Boats of the 1930’s, The Corsair Journals tells the story of one of these astonishing machines, and how her ill-fated flight across Africa touched the lives of all who knew her.


Click the link below for the full screenplay


The Corsair Journals Screenplay

Cool By The Pool: Apocalypse

An original story created by David Swinfen and based on the characters collaboratively envisioned during months of co-writing the pilot for “Cool By The Pool” (TAI Films), this movie riffs on the Bangkok expat partying scene against a background of the zombie parody spoof. Intended to be the first part of a TV double-header -“Cool By The Pool” was actually made into a production, and shot at Aloft Bangkok with a large cast). This original spin-off (as yet not filmed) adaptation now serves as a razor-sharp writing sample for my comedic and character-driven screenwriting work.


Click the link below for the full screenplay


Cool by the Pool- Apocalyspe (Halloween Special)